Child and Youth Counselling...

… is a specialized skill set including assessing risk and developmental needs of children and youth while fostering resilience and using a strengths-based approach.


Psychotherapy is ...

… the treatment and exploration of an individual’s overall patterns and chronic issues and recurring emotions that may feel stuck.


Our Mission

To walk alongside you on your life path while helping guide you towards emotional growth and understanding, clarity and sense of self.
To ensure an objective therapy experience, one that is non-biased, non-judgmental and neutral.
I am an inclusive service that believes in diversity and the importance of culture and culturally sensitive therapy.
I believe in the need to embrace and encourage diversity and culture at all times.

Counselling is…

a service that includes information sharing and empowerment, mostly short-term and very specific.

Psychotherapy is…

a service that is usually longer term and treatment that aims to understand recurring patterns and chronic issues that may feel stuck

Are you looking for purpose in your life? Have you noticed your child/youth is not him/herself lately?


For some youth, 10 minutes is all that can be tolerated in a first session. Sessions with children/youth are confidential however parents/guardians and adults in the life of the child/youth are encouraged to be involved in the therapy process.


Be prepared to attend a minimum of three sessions each once a week to start your therapy journey. Therapy is an investment you chose to make to better your life.

The step towards seeing a professional is an individual journey. Therapy in any form is intended to be helpful and supported with no hidden agendas or surprises. I work for you at all times and this means I meet you where you are at on a given day. A therapeutic relationship is like no other relationship in your life. This process is about and for you and at all times you are encouraged to speak candidly about the process and anything that may not be working for you.